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IN3 Art Worldwide delivers real world exposure to 2D Visual Artists around the globe. IN3 currently sponsors (1) Exhibits, (2) Catalogues, and (3) the International Art Business Incubator® which awards the International Master Artist (IMA) designation.  IN3 sponsor exhibits in many countries, including: Spain, France, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and United States of America.


IN3's Site Members represent over 140 countries! Not all artists have the availability to travel with each exhibition, that's where IN3 comes in. Choose the countries where you want your Art to be seen and we take your name and your artwork Worldwide! Artists are encouraged to attend, however, it's not a requirement for participation.  Successful artists have a strategy and IN3 has The Platform and Support System for Artists. Our latest and upcoming exhibitions are in Stockholm, Madrid, Huesca, Paris, Sofia, Sevilla, Almaden, Navarra, Alexandria, Tuscany, Barcelona, Oporto, Rome, Bucharest, Sofia, Alexandria, Dallas and New York City.


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Interested visual artists producing 2D artwork must apply to become a Site Member to obtain access to secured pages on this web site for completing applications to participate in programs sponsored by IN3.  Site Membership is FREE.  Applicants whose work is accepted by IN3 shall receive invitations to participate and thereby become Exhibitors in Exhibits or Catalogues.


Participation fees vary by program.  The International Art Business Incubator® is for artists who seek to establish a strong track record of participating in multiple international exhibits for several years and benefit from business planning resources designed for fine artists.  







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