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Annette Mewes-Thoms




There is something in my body which asks me every day to work artistically. I am discontented if I cannot follow this request. If I work artistically, I am a happy person.


Only as an artist I can be authentic and that is very important for me. When I show my works to other people, I show them a part of myself. It is very exciting to hear what the people from different countries discover in my works.


The first Art Fair I took part in, was in Malmö. Many People visited my booth and had a look at my works. I was surprised of the favourable reaction . One of the guests, professor of art , asked me: "What are you doing here in province? This is the wrong place. You must show your works in large towns all over the world." That gave me hope and I started my career. In the meanwhile I exhibited my works in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Zürich, Monaco. 2017 I will show my works at Art Stage Singapore.


I find my inspirations everywhere, because I see the world with different eyes. I observe everything, best the sky and the water.  Drawing, painting and photography are my specialities. Since 3 years the line is my favourite subject. The line has developed from my water-pictures. I prefer to paint in my studio and to draw at home at my dining table and at my holiday place.

Annette Mewes-Thoms made the moving and meandering lines on the water surface on her topic. She starts her works with one intuitive line. After this the drawing grows from line to line and layer to layer. The lines tell about movement and energy.Every work process is an exciting game like an adventure whose exit is not foreseeable.  Annette Mewes-Thoms works mean nothing – they tell about what the recipient is able to discover in them.

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