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Regina Affonso

Regina Affonso - IMA Plaque 2019.jpg

Portugal born artist 

earned in 2019 the IN3 Art Worldwide International Master Artist® designation.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?

I was influenced by great Masters, after I visited many  museums in Europe.

I also loved glass, that manufactured at my relative's factory.


Loved glass manufactured on my relatives factory. 

​That's when I started to thinks about painting, and switched  to painting on canvas, until the present days.

regina Affonso 0746_n.jpg

When did you make that important decision?

It was then that I moved to glass from painting on canvas.Which allowed me to develop my creations.

From then on I developed other techniques  such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, crafts, 

decorative art, fusion glass, ceramics, 


Jarra pintada 2  ( C.V. ).JPG

Now days I paint mostly acrylic on canvas.

I studied some artist's paintings and fell in love with Vincent Van Gogh, Caravaggio, and the Impressionists.

In Portugal I was fascinated by folklore. Later in life I loved Mode. Today I like to create my own colored faces.

01-Ind.Centro Unesco do Porto 1(1996).JP

Artist Statement

I've been a visual artist  for 30  years.

I grew up in Brazil, with a childhood influenced by Nature. My inclinations were towards the Arts and I began by  studying piano and poetry when I was eight years old.


DSC_6249 (1).JPG
IMG_9122 (1).JPG

I prefer to paint faces because it means I give life to the figure.


Also, I like to paint religious thèmes, a way of 

pray and to approach to God.

I paint in my own atelier; that's all.


Regina Affonso

From Brazil

Living in Portugal

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