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Constantinos Charalampopoulos







Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


Nothing to say except I want people to know me and my works . My works are absolutely original and not imitating other artist's works . This is the way of my life.



When did you make that important decision?


I made this decision on 11/2011 when I uploaded my first images on Fineartamerica. The feedback was amazing and the comments from other artists encouraged me to make this decision



What inspires you the most?

My initial inspiration as an artist comes from my fantasy. I want my art to be liked and to give energy and emotions. I like painting landscapes-seascapes but never say no on other themes or styles.



Artist Statement


Born in Patras/Greece.First steps from my childhood as self-taught and later studies 4 years on art and 3 years seminars on history and aesthetic of art . I use all media for my works and I have a little preference on landscapes-seascapes.

Your specialties?


Landscapes, Seascapes, Portraits in Oil, acrylic, pencils, oil pastels.



What are your favorite subjects and why?


Landscapes,seascapes....Because earth is our home...And I want to show this ...through my art
Portraits ...for their emotions and expression.



Your preferred locations to work?


My home , Plein -air , Club of artists.




Constantinos  Charalampopoulos


Phone: 693-761-7038





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