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Dominika Zurawska




Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


To me it is very important to do what you love to do. To follow the inner voice and express your thoughts and emotions through art.

Making a decision to become a full time artists wasn't easy due to very competitive art market. However looking back I am very proud of myself, of all the achievements and I do know that I couldn't make any better choice. I am following my dreams.




D.O.M. (Dominika Zurawska)

Paisley based, multi award winning artist D.O.M. creates art that is evocative and dramatic. Her paintings capture the infinite complexity and physicality of women. Born in Poland in 1982, and encouraged by aunt who painted, she has been creating images ever since. D.O.M. graduated from the Bydgoszcz High School of Art, before studying at the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts. She won Poznan Artist of the Year in 2005. Since 2002 her work has achieved international recognition.
Described by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art as “exploring the spontaneity and drama of women in the world. The visual intensity and psychological drama in Dominika’s superb art captures the excitement and visceral mystique of the female silhouette. Her impassioned brushstrokes create a sensuous and unique artistic vision with a profound sensitivity and powerful interplay of light - the emotional and physical experience of women.”


She has sold to private collectors in Australia, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland, Spain, Italy, United States and the United Kingdom. A painting of the singer Madonna, by whose strength and innovation Dominika is inspired, won approval from the celebrity herself and was recently delivered to her home in New York.

What inspires you the most?


I am a portrait painter so obviously people and their stories are the greatest inspiration for me. I concentre on female portraits and through my paintings I tell about their inner strength and potential. I have been receiving messages from women saying that they somehow gain that strength by looking at my paintings which just confirms that becoming a full time artists was best choice I ever made. I also like to research all upcoming and current artists. I love visiting galleries and museums, I always feel inspired by looking at good art.


Your specialties?


I specialise in oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, wood and glass.

Favorite subjects and why?


Women - through female portraits I paint about feminine inner strength, emotions. I confront the "sacrum and profanum" in woman.

Dominika ZurawskaGREEN_TURBAN_oil_on_can
Dominika Zurawska3.jpg

I decided to become a full time artists after loosing my office job. I then decided I will never work for anyone else and will not do something I do not enjoy. I always knew my path is art.

Dominika Zurawska6.jpg

Dominika Zurawska

From Poland living in the United Kingdom





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