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Janna Doughtyk



Painting is all about mistakes and expressing emotions through color choices, the end result is the beautiful mistakes you keep. Known for the bright colors and mixed application methods, Jspired creates unique pieces inspired by the everyday world



Most of the time when I sit down in front of a blank canvas I know my subject, but from there it varies. Some times I already know what I want the piece to say, other times I have no idea until the painting starts to develop. Some times I have a color scheme in mind, but often it just develops along with the painting.


When people ask me to describe how I created this piece or that, it usually is well I just wanted her to have depth or intrigue. I cant tell you what I did differently from a technical stand point. Quite frankly Im not aware Im using those brush strokes or this technique. I just paint pure and simple.


Artist Statement


Art for me is more about feeling than technique. Mistakes are a part of my process and can end up perfectly flawed.

I had the Bonnie and Clyde song stuck in my head for days....still do to be honest. I typically dont paint men, its more natural for me to do women or female figures, but I figured I would try my hand again at it.

This is a pop art portrait with lyrics to the Bonnie and Clyde song he recorded along side Beyonce.

Down To Ride,

When people ask me what inspired you, why did you paint that; I laugh a little knowing that I am really inspired by everything, random things that I encounter in my every day. Even my titles are influenced by say a Wendys commercial for a Sriracha burger. The one thing that remains constant is my desire to make people feel something when they look at my art. That is after all what art should be, a feeling or an emotion.

I was inspired by the song "I'm a Little Unsteady" the song for me represents so much raw passion about a couple that is in the end toxic for each other.



My works can range from a more realistic rendering to a very fluid impression but every piece is infused with vibrant color. You will see either layers of color built up to achieve a certain depth and richness, or very minimal color that makes a huge impact, My pieces have stories, whether that story is told through the subjects, the color pallets or even the titles.

Janna Doughty

United States





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