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Joaquim Lourenço



Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


All throughout my childhood, I wanted to be either an artist or a sports career. Life “send” me to be a teacher. Well, if I’m going to be a teacher, I’ll be an arts teacher! And through the years, art squeezes its way in and takes up a large part of my life, as I was working to make a living, and, as the same time, I was producing more and more art work. So, naturally I wanted to proceed my studies in order to improve and get a modern glance in the artistic world. I went for a master degree in Drawing at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon. Because trying new things is an important part of making art. Our style changes and grows up with us, and exploring is essential. It can include trying out new processes (artistic), new materials or a new subject matter. Artists have something special to share. I want to share my world perspective, get to know new people and new possibilities!


When did you make that important decision?



I realize that more and more people: friends, family, etc. wanted to have and buy my drawings and paintings. So I decided to be more “professional” about it and dedicate more and more time to it. That’s what I love to do! Draw and paint! So it was natural for me to evolve to be become a more assertive and known artist.




Artist Statement


My work usually consists on taking something ordinary and give it a personal look, projecting my
experiences of life. Sometimes it may be thru the line, perspective, ambiance, strokes and
blobs of colour, texture, contrasts, a small detail, or
an entire body or landscape. I consider my work mostly expressionist, figurative and naturalist.

What inspires you the most?


This one is pretty simple: what inspires me the most is everything! Literally everything!


As I have the capability of observing, I try to focus where most people don't. Like if I was a photographer and a lens at the same time. So, quite often people are surprised with some of my themes and subjects I put on drawings and paintings. But there three strong inspirations: female body, nature and architecture.


Your specialties?


I usually use all dry materials for drawings, watercolours and acrylics for the paintings.



Favorite subjects and why?


The human body for sure, specially the female body. I seek the beauty, but I paint "my" perspective of beauty. Or sometimes the opposite of it, to say that is also beauty. Also I like the drawing and painting of buildings and interiors. I've been all my life fascinated by architecture. The "artistic" architecture.

Preferred locations to work?


I enjoy to work mostly in my studio. But whenever it's possible I enjoy working outside in bright days and by the sea.

Joaquim Lourenço

From Mozambique Living in Portugal


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