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Josefina Wendel Carlssonlick me.


Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


To me, it has never been a question of other choises of career. It is a way of life. And I think I discovered that at a very young age. To have this urge to paint is both a "gift and a curse". But it is also a lovestory! Couldn´t live without it.


I have known since I was very young what I wanted to do in my life. I can not really put any specific time or year when I realized: this is what I wanted to do. But I have strongly worked for it, and I made my goals clear so I knew what to aim for.





What inspires you the most?


What inpires me...well... it must nature, music and subcultures. The nature, I have in all my paintings in one way or another. But I have no problem to put my own touch on it. Like the flowers does not exist in real nature - only in my head... The music and the subculture inspires me because I grew up in a artisty home where there was a lot of old music, like blues and jazz and a feeling that I could go my own way, wich I have always followed..


​​Your specialties?

My own vision of nature, created in a kind but rebellious way of looking at it...







Artist Statement


My dreamy and sometimes whimsical paintings comes from surrealism and odd, enigmatic fairytales. All my paintings has a uniqe personality, and I hope I can mediate joy to the observer and to see a sense of humor among the eerie forests and beautiful flowers.

Favorite subjects and why?


I have had different kind of favorite subjects over the years. Like those beautiful mushrooms, red with polkadots... But I have a thing for really high stillettos standing in weird chaos of flowers and houses... I guess I have become more tough in my paintings and I love when they pop-out like a punch in the a good way!

Your preferred locations to work?   My studio and outside in the garden

Josefina Wendel Carlsson


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