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Julia Khoroshikh 



Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


Art was a kind of miracle for me since I could remember myself, and artists were my favourite reading, and artists were a magicians. Books about art history were my favourite reading, and I couldn't imagine myself drawing like all those people. When I getting older and started to study art seriously, I understood that I can do a miracles myself. Though art still a miracle. 
And I have a strong feeling, what this is the main thing I should do in this life, and when I don't - I'm doing someone else's job.



When did you make that important decision?


I always felt what the art is the most important thing for me. But after the university I has had to put my own art aside for a very long time (I am single mom of two) and just worked to survive. I worked as graphic designer, theatrical artist and art teacher (few years in each area, and all jobs were related with art, I even got some avards). In the end of the past year I quit my day job - it was a desperate step, but I just fed up by all those paper things and tough schedule didn't left me much space to create. And I understood, what if I'll still postpone my art career, proper time might never happen.




What inspires you the most?


Women and their feelings, mythology and history, nature - plants and animals forms and patterns, water, clouds fascinate me... And music - I have a kind of synesthesia, and see music as dancing splashes and curves. I always have a feeling that a music in my ears creates a special, my very own space around me - like a bubble of air :)
And of course, art - european gothic and renaissance, art nouveau, art deco, surrealism and visionary art...

Your specialties?


I work with traditional media mostly, soft pastels, acrylic painting and wool painting are my favourites techniques. I also used to paint big surfaces - like walls or theatrical sceneries, and I do love that. :) And I love to make handmade books - handbound with handpainted or felted covers, it's a kind of hobby started from my obsession by sketchbooks.



What are your favorite subjects and why?


My works are inspired by music, fantasy and nature. I love to depict mythological creatures because they are not only personages of old stories for me, they are a symbols of human souls and that's why they're eternal. I am also a huge fan of life drawing - plants or people mostly, this is a ground for my fantasy and decorative works (I love to make patterns, kind of meditation for me).



Julia Khoroshikh


Phone: 921-361-7347





Your preferred locations to work?


My home, city parks and forest - I do love life drawing at summer

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