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Kouroumalis Apostoly Peter (toly ak)



Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


I knew I would pursue a career in the arts from young coming from an arts minded family, my father is a guitar player, although he was dead set against me pursuing a career in the arts. I decided to go full tilt, being visual as well as making music and film.



When did you make that important decision?


I was a delinquent kid but an A student which was an oddity, and where romance dies leaving only the truth ... relative as truth is arts became an outlet.




What inspires you the most?


Some times I read a passage in a book, see something on TV or a person shouts an obelsenity at me and I get mad and attack a canvas. Alot of my art stems from what upsets me. I don't like the world I was born into, and sometimes wish I could rearrange it.

Your specialties?


I'm not bad at watercolours but I have chosen a bande dessine look to my paintings.



What are your favorite subjects and why?


My subjects are usually regular people with alot of wrinkles or scars that form their look. This does not mean destitute but hard.




Your preferred locations to work?


My home, city parks and forest - I do love life drawing at summer






Apostoly Peter (toly ak) Kouroumalis



Phone: 514-578-3912

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