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Md Muslim Mia




I am an print maker, woodcut (wood block) print on Bangladeshi Woman and our folk culture, that’s spread every where in Bangladesh.


I am from Bangladesh. My work shows our Bangladeshi culture and our folk Element, (Folk song, lyrics, Bird, woman, Folk dress, Folk music equipment and the mythology) that's spread everywhere in Bangladesh. I use Acrylic paint, Metal engraving and Woodcut print.


I was born in a small village of Bangladesh where from my childhood followed the village culture and custom with my family. But in this modern /Digital time we are losing every thing (village culture and custom). So I want to show this part of our culture to the world, which are depicted in my mind.


A woman's face inspire me, as well as Folk traditional ornaments and dress, where I can see the past-present-future and there Glummer. Folk tradition and woman face inspires me to draw paint or printing.




Women. They carry Happiness, sorrow and glummer.

My specialty is Woodcut print and Metal engraving

Md Muslim Mia


Phone: 880-292-0510





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