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Graham Edward Rohdes






Why you decided to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


My pursuit of art started from as early as 4 years old and as I have grown older it has become more of a constant need to emty my mind on to the paper, as though relieving the build up of images queing up ready to recieve there application through the pen on to the medium




When did you make that important decision?

I have done many mundane jobs in my life and always promised myself that I would leave them behind and seek something more creative as a means of living. I have an exeptional gift and talent that will enable me to grow professionally no matter what happens Im seizing the opportunity to do something brilliant and I really want to express my Art work to the world.




Artist Statement


My Life long love of drawing has created before you an artist with a very bizzare and extended imagination, self taught my mind has been free to express itself without protocol.

What inspires you the most?


I'm inspired by artists Salvador Dali and max Ernst, their work is so bizarre I can relate to the way they think, I myself have a very crazy haphazard way of thinking when it comes to drawing , to be different is special and creative unlike most artists who follow their own mindset.


I feel you need to dig deeper into your subconscious and express your mind through the pen. Allow people to view the world as you see it.

Your specialties?


Drawing painting Photography and digital Manipulation.






Favorite subjects and why?


I'm keen on drawing old buildings and quirky faces , geometric patterns and pictures that have focal points, these allow the viewer to be guided into the art work , easing there imagination into a different world, a world of surreal thought.


Your preferred locations to work?  At home.

Graham Edward Rohdes

United Kingdom






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