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Travis Mack




Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


It was my grandmother that told everyone that I would be an artist. I would bug my mother for paper to draw Saturday cartoons and comics were my early influences, in school I would doodle on the desks, in books, on school walls, on my homework, wherever I could leave a mark I drew on it.




When did you make that important decision?


After seeing the 80’s movie Beat Street I even delved into graffiti so I thought, I found a can of red spray paint and sprayed the side of my parent’s house ouch!! I continued to hone my skills learning from various teachers and books along with hours of practice. It was not until I sold my first portrait at the age of 13 that I said whoa! I just made $100 bucks to do this?! Okay let’s get better.




Whenever I could take an art class in High School or Community College I took it I didn’t care about my major as long as I could draw and paint. College was a breeze for me, I did not need a degree to solidify that I could draw and paint however it felt great to be the first in my family to graduate from college while refining my skills. I graduated with the Best in Show Portfolio Award, illustrated two children’s books and was blessed to have a painting in the 50th Illustration Annual in Communication Arts magazine, a few commissioned paintings and some graphics work.


I show in various art venues in Atlanta, GA and also Europe in such cities Barcelona, and Paris.  As an artist I am not content with past achievements I want more. I pursue more. Though I am humble I am hungry, art is my passion I love to have the ability to visualize in my head and create. I am still the same artist that will draw on paper at work, on desks, in books, on napkins on whatever that will allow me to leave my mark.


Travis Mack

United States









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