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Yvonne M. Klug






Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?

The first 50 years of my life I was engaged in the technical side of life; this period was characterized by my activity as a laboratory chemist, engineer, corporate consultant, lecturer at the university and as an executive coach.
During this time period and through these activities, one topic was always dear to my heart: apparent non-compatible situations and topics for everyone's benefit to instill change and improvement. The theme of my life has always been to combine the seemingly impossible, with the goal of achieving a newer - more beautiful - better - greater – fantasy-full life (family, life and work).
Now my time of serenity and tranquility has come, as all my long treasured ideas are being implemented ... and here too, my balanced talent clearly shows. For all of my objects I formed the phrase "Up-creating" - in which I combine different materials with each other, to create new - beautiful – interesting objects.








What inspires you the most?

Seeing the unexpected growing by using, deploying and combining different material and techniques and on the same time always controlling the situation describes my exciting and challenging approach of creating my pieces of art.



Your specialties?

WALL.- and ROOM.Objects using and combining different material like vinyl, concrete or rost.



Favorite subjects and why?

My artistic philosophy is the transformation of (technical) material out of it's origin context and create something (artistic).
All my WALL.- and ROOM-Objects can be characterized by their structure and depth.




Artist Statement

My art work is best discribed as "Out of Context", so I take the used materials out of their origin world and create something new; the origin will be clear on second glance only.
All showed works here are part of my series called KLANG.Bilder (SOUND.Pictures).

Your preferred locations to work?

I am in the lucky situation to work at home in two different workshop; one for my paintings (WALL.Objects) and the other one for my ROOM.Objects working with metal and concret e.g.

Yvonne M. Klug






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