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IN3 Talent




Distributed to the best art organizations, art magazine editors, as well as galleries and museums in the US and major cities around the world. Also to curators and jurors in main annual international exhibitions and festivals. Art libraries and collectors. And of course, heavily promoted in social media.


Sandrine Colson

Country of residence: USA

Country of origin: France

Sandrine, emphasizes the importance of having fun while making art and that play is part of her process. Her work is organic, playful, and immediate. She reacts to the motion of the materials and makes artistic choices as the artwork evolves. 

Shanii Renay
Country of origin: USA

My goal as an artist is to present alternative ways of viewing reality. Introverted by nature, art has become an effective way for me to communicate my interpretations of the world around me and encourages me to stretch my imagination in an effort to create pieces that are compelling and thought-provoking.

Ruahan van Staden

Phone: 084-700-1590
Country of origin: South Africa

My work explores the beauty of nature and botany along with the ephemeral through still life using a variety of mediums. I live in Western Massachusetts and have studied in Connecticut at The Weir National Park for Impressionist painters, The Silvermine Arts Center and in Massachusetts at The Worcester Museum of Art. Locally I have studied at The Hill Institute in Florence, Cottage Street Studios and in Amherst, Massachusetts with Carolyn Bruneau, drawing master teacher.

Fatima Soar
Country of residence: Brazil
Country of origin: Brazil

Born in Greece and love painting from my childhood. Many times award and participated in exhibitions. Study 4 years in Art College and seminars 3 years on history and aesthetic of art.

Isabella Kramer
Phone: 00491714153300
Country of residence: Germany
Country of origin: Germany

There's a Softness in Seeing, grounded in the heart.  I  studied intensively watercolor painting, receipts courses and master classes and deepend and expanded my artistic expression. My favorite subjects are City views, floral details and still lifes, but also portraits and children's motives and cat and animal portraits and unforgettable impressions from traveling and scenes from nature, which I love so much.

D. K. Richardson
Phone: 830-928-3393
Country of residence: USA
Country of origin: USA

Influenced by masters of their craft, such as Da Vinci, Rubens, and Vermeer, Richardson continually strives to obtain an ever higher level of excellence.  An award winning artist, Richardson’s work has exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Rome, Oporto, Stockholm, Kaunas, Bucharest, and New York City.

Apostoly Peter
(Toly A.K.)
Phone: 514-578-3912
Country of residence: Canada
Country of origin: Canada

Toly ak is a self styled iconoclast/cartoon artist who has made several award winning films . Counter culture can sometimes be defined as unproductive, I offer as an integral pieces of work - an in your face look at some of the things I find offensive on TV and in people, offering strong pieces with integrity and justified through a blue collar work ethic and a school of hard knocks.

Lorelle Murray

Phone: 0432951016
Country of residence: Australia
Country of origin: Australia

My style/medium is often determined by the ideas I am exploring. Some pieces can be quite abstract while others very realistic and at times a combination of the two. I enjoy creating portraits in an attempt to capture the essence of a person - what they stand for and who they are, which is what has inspired me to do the work I have for this show.

Magdalena Popovici
Phone: 805-399-2826
Country of residence: USA
Country of origin: USA

My work is usually celebratory and often times meant to convey love, serenity, peace, passion: there is where my inspiration coming from. My art/photography is a synthesis of my personal feelings: simplicity is my ultimate goal. Color blue posses dream-like surreal quality, calmness and I'm following the blue. As I unleash my emotions, through the tip of my brush, meant to capture exquisite moments, and invitation to viewers to move into a space of speculations, poetic, and beauty.

Eva Kudukhashvili
Phone: 995-550-1292
Country of residence: Georgia
Country of origin: Georgia

Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili professional Artist and Painter. She graduated from the Art Academy in Tbilisi. The art of creating his own school, the Cosmic Expressionism. Since 1987 up to now has over 100 group exhibitions as well as many solo exhibitions. As the birthplace of the rest of the world and other major cities. Her work is collected by businessmen around the world.

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