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IN3 Talent




Distributed to the best art organizations, art magazine editors, as well as galleries and museums in the US and major cities around the world. Also to curators and jurors in main annual international exhibitions and festivals. Art libraries and collectors. And heavily promoted in social media. Thank you for sharing!


Joan Florido

Country of origin: Phillipines

I take my inspiration from nature, particularly from the way that light changes how things appear. I like how patterns emerge and things change in different lighting conditions.  I work mostly in oils and watercolors. I started out painting in acrylic, but found that the tropical weather made the paint dry much too fast for my painting style, so I switched to oils. Recently, I decided to work in watercolor just to practice control and patience.

Yvonne M. Klug

Country of origin: Germany

My artistic philosophy is the transformation of (technical) material out of it's origin context and create something (artistic).  All my WALL.- and ROOM-Objects can be characterized by their structure and depth.


Seeing the unexpected growing by using, deploying and combining different material and techniques and on the same time always controlling the situation describes my exciting and challenging approach of creating my pieces of art.

Jolanta Johnsson
Phone: 668-052-0670
Country of residence: Poland
Country of origin: Poland

I create figurative compositions and landscapes. Through the figurative representations, I seek to portray existential questions, and I focus on the reality that I am surrounded by.  I interpret the strong emotions that my surroundings, and especially nature, evoke. My compositions sometimes preserve observed orders and divisions, often, however, the painting leads me into more abstract grounds.

Sandrine Colson
Phone: 805-399-2826
Country of residence: USA
Country of origin: France

My work is diversified, from colorful textured landscapes to expressive abstract painting or mixed media compositions. My work is currently displayed throughout New England and the US as well as Europe and Mexico.  To see more of my work, please visit my Fine Art Galleries page and click on the gallery you want to visit to see all my pieces in each gallery.

Malathi Venkataramanan
Phone: 650-404-7099
Country of residence: USA
Country of origin: India

Venkat is a photographer and likes to take pictures of what he sees around him: land, sea, birds and the occasional bug. The artist here started with the Pentax film SLR and then the Pentax DSLR before moving to the Nikon D750.

Milan Glozic
Country of residence: Serbia
Country of origin: Serbia

Painting is my key to a secret place, my looking glass, my labyrinth of ideas. It’s up to a viewer to find his way out and each project I make often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings.

Tokhtaman Valetova
Phone: 718-234-4055
Country of residence: USA
Country of origin: Russia

New York based visual artist, originally from South Urals in Russia. Holding Master's degree in Art from University BGPU in Ufa, working as a painter since 1982, exploring the relationship between ancient cultures, mythologies, fantasy, metaphysics, and philosophy. The theme of metaphysical realism, visionary art , fantasy art has been very well presented in oil paintings and digital art. Experiments with color, composition and dimension make paintings enigmatic and paradoxical.

Valentine Louafi
Country of residence: France
Country of origin: France

I'm a french graphic designer, based in sunny Southern France. I turned out to become a full time paper cut artist along the way as gates opened up. So basically, I cut paper, cutting the world with lights and shadows. All day long :)

Vincent Messelier
Country of residence: België
Country of origin: België
Guido Corazziari
Phone: 339-127-1660
Country of residence: Italy
Country of origin: Italy

A relation between the creator and the admirer is the most complex and unexplainable that ever had existed. The art you buy from an artist is not simply an object but it is an investment. An investment in a piece of a heart and soul. And even a piece of the creator's life, because this piece of art is not only created as result of hours of errors and experimentation, but also as result of frustrations and moments of pure joy.

Sparkling like a birthday cake, my artworks are instantly appreciated for their chromatic arrangements of sweet subjects combined with serious motifs, creating an instantly recognizable synergy of cool elegance and soft sensuality. The paintings are strongly influenced by the fantastic world of cartoons, pop culture, rock music, and worldwide media, all contributing to a unique aesthetic creation. With bold colors, cartoon styling, strident collage and ghoulish rendering of the sacred and profane, these pictures are made to grab your attention and create pure joy for the eyes. The paintings are multilayered, both visually and conceptually. 

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