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IN3 Talent




Distributed to the best art organizations, art magazine editors, as well as galleries and museums in the US and major cities around the world. Also to curators and jurors in main annual international exhibitions and festivals. Art libraries and collectors. And heavily promoted in social media.


Bobette Stanbridge

Country of origin: United States
Country of residence: United States

It's the ability to create the unknown that makes art, art.  And yet people only want to recognize your work and the only way they can do that is to make it redundant.  I'm looking forward to the day when an artist can be appreciated for the many types of art styles they create.  After all, artists tend to want to think outside the box.

Janna Doughty

Country of origin: United States

Country of residence: United States

Most of the time when I sit down in front of a blank canvas I know my subject, but from there it varies. Some times I already know what I want the piece to say, other times I have no idea until the painting starts to develop. Some times I have a color scheme in mind, but often it just develops along with the painting.

Dominika Zurawska
Country of residence: U.K.
Country of origin: Poland

I am a portrait painter so obviously people and their stories are the greatest inspiration for me. I concentre on female portraits and through my paintings I tell about their inner strength and potential. I have been receiving messages from women saying that they somehow gain that strength by looking at my paintings which just confirms that becoming a full time artists was best choice I ever made.

Simeon Gonzales
Country of residence: Peru
Country of origin: Peru

Venkat is a photographer and likes to take pictures of what he sees around him: land, sea, birds and the occasional bug. The artist here started with the Pentax film SLR and then the Pentax DSLR before moving to the Nikon D750.

Joaquim Lourenço
Country of residence: Portugal
Country of origin: Mozambique

what inspires me the most is everything! Literally everything! I seek the beauty, but I paint "my" perspective of beauty. Or sometimes the opposite of it, to say that is also beauty. Also I like the drawing and painting of buildings and interiors. I've been all my life fascinated by architecture. The "artistic" architecture.

I usually use all dry materials for drawings, watercolours and acrylics for the paintings.

George Gugushvili
Country of residence: Georgia
Country of origin: Georgia

Painting is my key to a secret place, my looking glass, my labyrinth of ideas. It’s up to a viewer to find his way out and each project I make often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings.

James Earley
Country of residence: France
Country of origin: France

From a very early age I had always wanted to paint a homeless person, I do not know why, why would a young boy want to sketch a homeless person rather than a still life, a landscape or a portrait of someone that they know? I firmly believe there are some questions that you can not answer, sometimes your heart tells you something and you just have to follow it no matter where it takes you.

Francis Diez
Country of residence: France
Country of origin: France

Career in architecture and building. Essentially oil painting, with some acrylic tests. Several exhibitions in the south of France. Currently live between St Denis Reunion and Peyrusse le Roc in Aveyron. All my paintings are cons signed on the back with the authenticity of realization.

Shadrach Burton
Country of residence: Dominica
Country of origin: Dominica
Jere Pohjonen
Country of residence: Finland
Country of origin: Finland

A relation between the creator and the admirer is the most complex and unexplainable that ever had existed. The art you buy from an artist is not simply an object but it is an investment. An investment in a piece of a heart and soul. And even a piece of the creator's life, because this piece of art is not only created as result of hours of errors and experimentation, but also as result of frustrations and moments of pure joy.

I found drawing & painting 5 years ago, & soon after that started making art in my city’s nightclubs. I have also had a few of my own exhibitions: one was in my city, one in Helsinki, and two in New York City at Fountain house and at Gateway Art Center NYC! I have been on radio interviews, newspapers, & now my work is represented at Gateway Art Center, NYC in New York.



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