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IN3 Talent




Distributed to the best art organizations, art magazine editors, as well as galleries and museums in the US and major cities around the world. Also to curators and jurors in main annual international exhibitions and festivals. Art libraries and collectors. And heavily promoted in social media.


Graham Edward Rohdes
Phone: 514-578-3912
Country of residence: Canada
Country of origin: Canada

I'm inspired by artists Salvador Dali and max Ernst, their work is so bizarre I can relate to the way they think, I myself have a very crazy haphazard way of thinking when it comes to drawing , to be different is special and creative unlike most artists who follow their own mindset.  I feel you need to dig deeper into your subconscious and express your mind through the pen. Allow people to view the world as you see it.


Travis Mack
Phone: 678-349-8230
Country of residence: USA
Country of origin: USA

We all have been stressed out wondering if we are good enough. Stress/anxiety will at times take our hearts and our spirits if we allow it hence the open area near the heart. It affects us all men and women. "When my brush hits the canvas/aww shit!"


Ahmed Bouziane
Phone: 491-743-3503
Country of residence: Algerie
Country of origin: Algerie

Ahmed Bouziane et fondamentalement un artiste sincère et plein de foi avec son art et avec la vie .taillé d,une seule pièce ,il ne s,accommode d,aucun double de lui-même,d,aucun de ce paraitre qui souvent vous enveloppe dans les exhibitions publiques .il fait partie de cette lignée de créateurs rebelles à cela,n,ayant d’emblée rien d,autre à offrir que son art,il vous renvoie à vous-même et vous laisse dans un face à face avec votre propre regard;ainsi qu,à la solitude de votre liberté confronté à sa cré spécialites

Md Muslim Mia
Phone: 880-292-0510
Country of residence: Bangladesh
Country of origin: Bangladesh

I am an print maker, woodcut (wood block) print on Bangladeshi Woman and our folk culture, that iss spread everywhere in Bangladesh. I was born in a small village of Bangladesh where I spent my childhood following the village culture and customs of my family. But in this modern /Digital time we are going to lose everything (village culture and custom). So I want to show the part of our culture to the world.

Country of residence: Germany
Country of origin: Germany

Annette Mewes-Thoms made the moving and meandering lines on the water surface on her topic. She starts her works with one intuitive line. After this the drawing grows from line to line and layer to layer. The lines tell about movement and energy. Every work process is an exciting game like an adventure whose exit is not foreseeable. Annette Mewes-Thoms works mean nothing – they tell about what the recipient is able to discover in them.

Gabriel Olude
Phone: 805-872-0733
Country of residence: Nigeria
Country of origin: Nigeria

It came about as an accident when I was looking to upgrade my skills as a photographer when I was having challenges with my job as a sales marketer.This decision was made when I discovered I had the innate skills as a photographer.So I decided to take the plunge as a FineArtPhotographer. I am inspired by works of artists who express themselves with their art in diverse ways.

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