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The International Art Business Incubator® is Open!


Due to popular demand from its Site Members, IN3 has launched the International Art Business Incubator® (the "Incubator").  This is an unparalleled career development resource for fine artists from around the world who are ready to launch their international art business and earn the prestigious International Master Artist® designation upon successfully completing the program. Now taking applications.


The Incubator puts the artists selected on a path to:

(a) produce and submit 2D art work for upcoming exhibits on a regular basis;

(b) easily fund participation in exhibits with exclusive savings and installment plans;

(c) build a verifiable international track record with each and every exhibit;

(d) keep 100% of the revenue from sales of their original works; and

(e) earn the prestigious designation of International Master Artist® upon successful completion of the program.


IN3 is offering participation in the Incubator to qualified fine artists (2D only) who are ready to launch their international art businesses. Incubator participants whose art work is successfully accepted into and exhibited in twelve (12) international art exhibits sponsored by IN3, shall earn IN3's International Master Artist® designation, which signals to art collectors, galleries, and museums the designation holder's experience and sustained commitment to exhibiting their work in galleries and/or museums in multiple countries.  Also, upon completing the first four (4) and eight (8) exhibits, Incubator participants shall earn the International Arts Apprentice I® and International Arts Apprentice II® designations, respectively.


Here's How It Works


1. Compete with artists around the world for a spot in the Incubator® by submitting your Portfolio for review by IN3:

(a) your Artist's Statement of up to 500 words stating why the world should see, collect, and/or study your art work (in any language) and (b) images of up three art works that best represent your body of work (2D art only).


2. If you are accepted into the Incubator, select a program whose timetable suits you.  We have packaged three- and four-year programs with savings, financing, and easy budgeting alternatives to fund participation fees for as low as $119/month or $99/month. Incubator participants may also complete the program ahead of schedule by participating in more exhibits each year.


3. Incubator participants submit artwork for consideration in exhibits they select.  As accepted artwork is exhibited internationally, Incubator participants gain experience to list in their written professional profiles, and they advance one step closer to earning the International Master Artist®   designation.  Attendance to the art exhibits by Incubator participants is encouraged, but not required in order to complete the program and earn the International Master Artist® designation.


4. Distinction: Once you build your verifiable international art track record and have earned the International Master Artist® designation for art collectors, galleries, and museums to see, you will have distinguished yourself and your work from those who lack the international experience you have gained and the designation you have earned.  This degree of sustained international exposure generates P/R opportunities for you to capitalize upon by distributing press releases in your local art market featuring your upcoming international opening receptions and you keep 100% of your art sales revenue!

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