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Amy M. Adams 



Why did you decide to pursue a career in the Visual Arts?


Art has always been important to me and was encouraged but not necessarily as a career. Looking back, part of the decision comes from my rebellious nature. If it wasn't something that fit into social norms or easy then it was probably something that was worthwhile. What I perceive as a modern problem is that the focus, unfortunately, continues to be on STEM and the arts are missing. Visual arts especially are taken for granted, somewhere along the way visual arts got pushed aside (mostly because of money.) We need visual storytellers, those who make us pause for a moment and reflect.



When did you make that important decision?


After one year of architecture school and working various jobs, I decided, without knowing how I was going to make it happen, to major in visual arts with a concentration in painting and drawing. So I did and then worked as a textile designer for a time before pursuing an MFA.




What inspires you the most?


I'm not sure if you mean in art or in life - 

In art, the Modern Masters inspire me the most especially the German Expressionists particularly Max Beckmann, Kathe Kollwitz, Franz Marc. Also, Henri Matisse and (only recently) of course, Pablo Picasso because both of them found a myriad of ways to tell their stories and it was an evolution. They didn't find something that worked and just kept doing it over and over again. They created and evolved their creations over time. That inspires me. Of course, there are many many more artists to include in this list.

In life, what inspires me most are people who try to do their best, act with integrity and doing the work they are meant to do.

Emotion and our experiences are the focal points of my art and all living beings are ideal subjects.







Colour, as a left-handed person whose family teachers were right-handed my fine motor skills weren't highly developed. So colour became a favourite means of expression. Later, experimentation with technology - testing new ideas and new ways to work. This includes a lot of experiments with new media still, all of it is rooted in traditional methods first. Lastly, in drawing, dry pastels.




What are your favorite subjects and why?


People and animals are my primary subjects. Our human experience is often expressed through our faces so portraits are common in my work and for other animals, the expressions seem to be full bodied so the focus on them is their full being.



Your preferred locations to work?


1. In a studio with other people. 2. In my home studio. 3. Outside on my balcony during the summer. Both 2 & 3 include having my dogs present which is always nice.

Amy M. Adams

USA living in Romania

Phone: 074-116-2394





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